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We’ve got you covered! Rooted is the answer and is our front door to Group Life. Life is good, but it’s so much better when we do it together!

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Journey together.

When you attend a large church like Bethel, being anonymous is fairly easy and might even be exactly what you need. But when you are ready to find your people, small groups are the answer. Small groups are simply three or more people who meet regularly with the purpose of helping each other grow in Jesus.


Small group gatherings generally range from 3-12 people and often meet in someone’s home or a public place. The gatherings are purposed for connecting with fellow believers in order to share life and live out our faith in covenant community. This looks like meeting regularly and pushing each other to grow in the 3 Relationships, growing closer with God, going deeper in fellowship, and reaching the lost. 

At these gatherings groups engage in a variety of activities ranging from Bible studies, prayer experiences, serve experiences, times of extended worship, intentional evangelism, celebrations of how God has moved, and more.


We form small groups through Rooted, so if you have not gone through Rooted yet please sign up. Rooted is a 10 week small group forming experience that will help you get established in your relationship with Christ and will introduce you and your group to the rhythms of a small group. After you have done Rooted you and your group will continue pressing into what it looks like to live in the 3 Relationships (God, Church, and World).

The plan of God was for us to be a family on mission together. Along with this, the majority of God‘s commands to us assume relational interaction. Small groups are a place where you can not only try, but fail and be surrounded by a community of people who will love you, encourage you, pray for you, and challenge you to live out the fullness of God‘s plan for your life.

Sometimes the most daunting thing on our journey of life is not the inevitable lows of life, but in finding yourself utterly alone when encountering them.You were not meant to be alone. Small groups become your closest network of fellow disciples of Christ committed to seeing each other thrive.

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