Small Group Questions on Acts 11:1-18

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jan 22, 2023

Ice Breaker

What was the “wrong crowd” to hang out with in high school? 

General Study Questions

  • How does this passage fit into the book as a whole?

  • How does it flow from the previous section of the text?

  • What in the passage stands out to you?  

  • How does this passage minister to its original audience?

  • How does this text minister to us today?

  • Is there a sin to confess?

  • Is there a cause for thanksgiving or praise to God?

  • Is there a promise or truth to trust in?

  • Is there an attitude to change?

  • Is there a command to obey or an example to imitate?

  • Is there anything confusing or hard to understand about the passage?  

  • How is the Gospel present in this passage?  

  • What is the single, main point of the passage? 

  • How would you apply this passage to your life?  

Text Specific Questions

  1. As we get back into the book of Acts, let’s take some time to review. What are some of the major themes of Acts? What has God taught you as we have studied the book?

  2. Why do you think the author of Acts, Luke, repeated the details of Peter’s vision again (see Acts 10:9-46)?

  3. How do you explain the change in attitude in the Jewish believers in v. 2 to v. 18? How does it relate to Acts 1:8? What “gift” was given that convinced them to change their attitude?

  4. Why do you think Peter was chosen to go to the Gentiles?

  5. What might have happened if the early church did not believe Peter?

  6. Is there a “wrong crowd” the Church avoids today? What group is hardest for you to imagine sharing a meal with?

  7. Have you been criticized for breaking religious traditions? What did you feel was at stake?

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