The Difficulty with Transition

posted by Bethel High School | Sep 30, 2019


Here at Bethel High School, the word “transition” is evident in our community. With young men and women stepping back into the rhythm and routine of academics and athletics, there comes with it much juggling of responsibility. With that comes anxiety. Anxiety can come from many sources and sometimes out of nowhere.

The difficulty with transition, and where anxiety is birthed, is from a place of unfamiliarity. Removing oneself from a familiar context and rhythm and being placed in an unfamiliar one. This is a consistent struggle for us as followers of Jesus.

However, when we look at the ministry of Jesus, He was consistently transitioning contexts. His ministry took Him all over the map.

Imagine for a second, being in a new city with people that know who you are and that aren’t shy about voicing they don’t like you already. How immense would that anxiety be? Students often feel the same way stepping back into school juggling social anxiety and responsibility anxiety.

Side note; the worst thing we can do as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to young men and women is brush off high schoolers problems and irrelevant and unimportant. Be a listener.

Strategies to Point To

The biblical strategies that we can point students and ourselves towards that are highlighted by the life of Jesus are two fold. One, being that Jesus entered every context following the voice of God. Jesus walked into every new context upon appointment by His fathers voice. God always is tilling the soil prior to where we walk. This gives us peace knowing that whatever happens we are commissioned by our King.

Secondly, we must find Him in the secret place. Jesus being faced with intense unfamiliar contexts like the middle of a storm and even knowing His imminent death, ran to the arms of the Father for familiarity and peace. The Holy Spirit is the one who goes with us consistently into unfamiliar seasons and contexts. He is called the “comforter” for a reason.

We as Christians walk into unfamiliar contexts everywhere we go. Good thing Jesus tells us in John 14:15-16 that He will send the “Advocate” on our behalf. So this week in interacting with a young person or even in your own season of life, be encouraged and reminded that though there may be much transition and with that transition anxiety, the peace of the Holy Spirit goes with us and comforts us wherever we walk and you can find this peace by centering your self and life in awareness of the Spirit of God.

If you are interested in walking with young men and women in High School through this season of transition as a leader, please contact Emily Carpenter or Taylor Vickerman to get connected as a High School leader. We Have weekly small group discipleship meetings as well as a corporate gathering Sunday nights at 6P in the Hub.


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