Senior Pastor Search Update

posted by Bethel Communications | Dec 22, 2019

A few weeks ago, the search team announced that we had been provided with a slate of 7 candidates.
Our first step was to watch many hours of sermon videos and hold a 45 minute video interview with each of the 7.  After this "first round", we were left with 3 candidates.  
Our next step was to prepare a list of specific questions for each of the 3 and they also prepared a list of questions for us.  We then had 90 minute video conferences asking and answering each others questions.  After much prayer and deliberation we reduced the number of candidates to 2. 
At this point, we are in the process of arranging dates (after the new year) to have both candidates and their wives visit Bethel. While they are here they will meet with the selection committee, the vetting teams and staff.
Everyone will have the opportunity to see each candidate since both will be preaching when they visit and their messages will be streamed to all campuses. 
Please continue to pray and ask for the Lord’s hand to be on the process and that we would be able to discern His will with these potential candidates.

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