GROW Group Questions (December 22, 2019)

posted by Bethel Group Life | Dec 21, 2019


1. Read the main passage from this week's sermon. Are you familiar with the book from which the passage is drawn? If not, read the introduction to the book in a study Bible or click HERE.

Who was the author(s) and recipient(s)? 
What were the issues being addressed?
Where were they taking place? 
What are some keywords in the passage?

2. What do you see as the speaker's emphasis or main point in this week's sermon?

3. How does this sermon and main passage apply to you, and what is God directing you to change?

4. What about Jesus could be attractive to those who don't know Him?  Who will you share Him with this week?

5. Invite someone to Christmas Eve service or have them over to share a meal. Seek out opportunities to talk about this week's sermon with others, especially non-believers. For example: What does it teach us about God or ourselves? What are some things we can do to stir our affections for the Lord? 


Ask God to increase your love for Him and others. Ask Him to help you see others the way He does. Ask for courage and boldness as you step out and share the GREAT NEWS of new life with those who are living in darkness.

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