Up Close and Personal

posted by Bethel Kids | Jan 4, 2020

Meet Ed McPherson. He is our newest member of Bethel Kids Roving Team. He may be a newbie to this position but he is not new to Bethel. Ed has been attending Bethel for 22 years and started when they were still meeting at Chief Joseph Middle School.

In addition to serving in the Kids Zone he distributes bulletins, prays behind stage as the service begins, he is a Stephen’s Minister and part of two Men’s Bible study groups. He had been feeling for some time that perhaps the Lord was wanting him to be involved in the church in some additional ways, when he was approached to serve within the Children's Ministry. 

He began by shadowing Guillermo DeLeon, who is on Bethel’s Safety Team and then shadowed the Rovers. The Rover has a check sheet to use in IDing teachers, helpers, and taking a class count. In addition, the Rover has a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with what's going on throughout the church, to assist in an emergency, and to be able to obtain assistance should a suspicious situation or person arise. 

When asked why he does this, his answer was; “Mainly, to help the teachers be comfortable in the classroom knowing that someone is there that is looking out for them and their students well being so they can focus on teaching. The Rover needs to be available and seen several times by the classroom teachers. This allows me to get to know the teachers and see the care they have for the kids in their charge”

Thank you Ed for all you do! You are a great addition to this ministry.

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