A New Domain and A New Website ... Finally 😱

posted by Bethel Communications | Mar 10, 2019


Today we start a new era in the way we communicate together online! Bethel.ch is a tool to help you connect to the church, connect to each other, and to get valuable information so that you can be a part of what God’s doing at Bethel.

First, a disclaimer: while we believe this new website marks significant progress in communication over where we were yesterday, it is by no means a finished product. It's just step one.

Through the coming weeks we are going to continue adding features, content, and functionality that improve your experience, and make communications with Bethel more accessible. We will continue to add archived sermons to the new Sermon Archives so that you can browse, filter and search through years of Bethel sermon videos. More events, serving opportunities, and groups will be added, and will be more accessible with more information.

In addition, we have newsletters, RSS feeds, video series, and ongoing articles planned to keep you up to date on everything going on. There are so many exciting things to come, and we can't wait to share them all with you. But for right now, here's what you can find on the new website:


The most immediate change you'll notice before you ever even get to the website is that we have a new domain - "Bethel.ch". Short for "Bethel Church," the new domain is easier to remember, and easier to type into your browser. It's just one small detail that we can cover to remove barriers to communication with you.


All content on the Bethel website is now determined by which campus you have chosen to associate with - Richland, Prosser, and West Pasco. You can change this at any time with the campus selector in the top left corner of each page, next to the Bethel logo.

The other place you can change your campus is on the Locations page. Or, if you'd like, you can choose to see all campus content by deselecting your campus on the Locations page.


We're ready to go with you wherever you are. Bethel.ch is responsive to your device, whether you're on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Listen to a sermon while you're driving to work; sign up for a small group while you're waiting in line at the grocery store; schedule recurring giving while you're watching TV - it's all possible now at Bethel.ch.


Our new sermons page gives you the ability to categorize by series or individual sermons, and then sort by speaker and book of the Bible. That, even by itself, is enough to get excited about.

But now you can watch any Bethel service* in it's entirety, all LIVE! Next time you're out of town - or the next time we have a blizzard 😏- you can experience the music and teaching together with the rest of the church.

*Live services are only available from the Bethel Richland campus


The new Updates page is your way to stay on top of all of the most recent news, resources, and event announcements happening at Bethel. As with most other items on the new website, updates are sortable by campus and ministry.


Life Stages is where you can your campus-specific ministries that relate to different stages in life - kidsmiddle schoolhigh schoolyoung adultsmarried and parentingmen, and women.

More to Come

There is much, much more to see than the features listed above, and we're confident you'll find it more intuitive than ever before to find what you're looking for.

And, if you're having trouble finding something, just use the new search tool. You can find in the top right of any page (desktop/laptop), or at the bottom of the main menu (top right, mobile).

Because the website is fresh out of the oven there are still bound to be a few bugs that exist. If you find something wrong, please report it here.

Thank you for joining the online Bethel community. We're excited to see how God uses the new website to make disciples, and we believe the best is yet to come!

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