Serenity After the Shock

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Aug 24, 2020

The phone rings at noon on a beautiful fall Monday. I had been reminiscing over a lovely weekend that we had with dear friends.

It was the phone call that ‘rocks’ one’s world’. A loved one of mine has been arrested. Total shock.

It can’t be true… It is true. Local media is quick to spread the news. 

Family support helps me to navigate immediate needs and details. Arraignments. Court experiences totally new to us. God’s people praying for us.

Trauma counseling is recommended for dealing with my shock. I go to a certified trauma counselor for two visits: very helpful. It gets a bit easier for me to leave my home and to go the store, then church.

Six weeks later and life has not returned to ‘normal’. It will be forever different. I know God is with me, however life is really hard. How do I navigate long-term? I’m not doing very well. Sleep is disturbed. Life goes on. How will I navigate??

Many loving and encouraging letters arrive for me and my husband. We are grateful for such compassion.

One note I received was from two dear ladies I met many years ago. They invited me to attend a support group at Bethel on Wednesday afternoons. It’s called a Serenity group and it’s a twelve step, faith-based fellowship of women with loved ones suffering from addiction.

After a few weeks of deliberating I decided to try it out. It was a cold, gray December day. However, the Serenity group I walked into was warm with hope and reassurance.

Introductions and the serenity prayer became an ongoing gift of weekly support. 

These compassionate women seated in a circle invited me to share in their world of navigating addiction of a loved one with the power and strength of our Lord’s guidance.

My recommendation is for you to remember that there is a support for ladies whose ‘world gets rocked’ when a loved one has serious struggles with an addiction. The Serenity group is a life-giving gift.


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